Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Blocks to Healing and Blessings!

Two blocks I see to being blessed with healing or even being blessed financially are: 1) Religious thinking, and 2) ignorance. On the first reason, religion is having inordinate affection for a form of God and His Kingdom rather than relational living with and knowing the real God. The religious make a bondage out of everything, like prayer, Word study, going to church, kind of the way the Pharisees exalted washing pots and cups and law-keeping and visual appearances of tithing and giving instead of discerning the fact that they had Christ in their presence, physically. If you get sick, a religious person is quick to point out, as Job's friends did, that God is teaching you a lesson. If you speak of God blessing financially, a religious person might say that prosperity teachings are evil, even though God wove threads of abundance promises all through scripture for His own children. But that same religious person will try anything to get rid of their own sickness, an operation, medicine, 2nd opinions by doctors, and thereby abort the very lessons they believe God is teaching. How foolish of a belief system. That same person who says God does not prosper his children will send their kids to the best colleges for the highest paying jobs, or enter the lottery, or attempt "get rich schemes" because, in their minds, prosperity is OK as long as it does not involve God. 

That leads me to discuss the root of religious thinking and my 2nd reason for blocking blessings. Ignorance. If people think God must come down to heal us, when healing was paid for at the Cross and is a past tense reality and is already ours, that will block their healing. What they need is that "now" revelation and then raw Bible faith in it. God's people perish for a lack of knowledge. If we know that God will financially bless His kids, daily, when we get up in the AM, we would act, speak, believe and pray quite differently, and ignorance would become a thing of the past, and grace (blessings) and peace (fulfillment) would be multiple to us through the knowledge of Him, Christ Jesus, and all the promises (abundance) in Him are yes and Amen! 

Bless His name forever!

Greg Nichols

A Believer's Healing Vision!

I believe that my body is a vessel of His glory, that His power flows out of my very pores, that as I imagine, plead, declare and meditate the blood of Christ, it frees up more of my flesh to house God and His glory, that God is processing me for greater anointing, He is making me a dynamo, that sinless-ness is mine through forgiveness instead of practice, until my being is a magnet and an outsource of healing power, that in person, my look, my glance, my countenance heals, my touch has healing, and in or out of context, my voice heals, that I can send healing for miles, that my partnership with Omnipresence causes me to be able to heal, even around the globe, by phone, by computer, that my recorded voice will heal, years after it was spoken, that as I come into a room, faith is ignited in others.......wait, I am describing Jesus, in His earthly walk, and I am describing me, and any of you who can believe for this too!  Our potential has no limits! 
"For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s." 1 Corinthians 6:20 

Bless Jesus forever!

Greg Nichols

Heavenly Vibrations of God's Word!

Because of Divine Revelation and the glory of God it causes to manifest in my body, I am out of phase, out of sync, out of frequency range and out of touch with sickness and disease.  The vibrations of the sounds of God's voice and the power of His Word resonate and pulse through me 24/7, my very body chemistry and electrical synapses and neuro transmitters are off and mis-aligned with the devilish synchronization from evil that the world functions in. My voice gives God a voice in me. I speak His Rhema Word and it is life to me.
All that is in me is tuned to Heaven. Satan does not have a clue why he can't touch me. Do you think Jesus walked in this? Well, listen to His words:  

"Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me."   John 14:30 

How about you?   

Bless His name forever!

Greg Nichols 

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