Monday, November 19, 2012

Top Ten List of How to Bypass Colds and Flu this Season!

The tough season is upon us, and here are 10 things I do which give me very healthy winters. In the past I have done this in a Bible teaching, but this boiled down version will help people immediately start items they may not do. The 10 things are in ascending order of importance; the least is first and the most important is last at number 1. Items 6-10 are natural things I do, items 1- 5 are spiritual things.

If you find yourself already having a cold or the flu, by faith you can appropriate these things so that it leaves your body faster.  If you adopt these practices for a few days and then take on a cold or flu, do not judge the teaching and the revelation here as unsound, for Mark 4 says that once the Word is sown, Satan comes immediately to steal that which has been sown.  You need to nurture the seed sown in you and not let it be ripped out of the soil of your hearts. The 1st time I made this stand of faith against colds and flu, some 30 years ago, I started to get a bad cold and was discouraged. I called my sister Jan who had helped lead me to Jesus earlier and she said, "Greg, don't throw away your faith."  This saying hit me hard and I realized, faith is not for when I am well, but when I face the trial.  I grow in faith by facing the trial in faith.  I got over that episode quickly that time and that was the last time I was really not in dominion over colds and flu, 30 years ago. In 30 years from now, let that be your testimony.  

And now, the top 10 List:

10. Practice healthy habits like washing hands frequently, get plenty of sleep, and sleep in a ventilated room. These are common sense. (What 9 things can be better than this one?)

9. Take supplements. I use a good multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, extra vitamin C, garlic gel caps, green tea capsules, and other products too. I also detoxify at least twice a year with fasting and special helpful procedures. Toxins are a major cause of illness and you can remove all of them regularly.

8. Exercise at least 3-4 times weekly. This helps your blood cleansing system and filters impurities out through your kidneys and liver. The increased circulation and muscle work and building up of your heart and lungs gives you the blood pumping power to cleanse and filter your system. Bodily exercise profits a little, but Godliness is highly profitable. (1-5 below)

7. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This is more important than supplements. The very word supplement means it is extra to something you already do. Mankind was made to eat this way, as the Bible indicates that meat was added later. Fruits and vegetables are our foundation of daily diet; all else is extra or surplus. These foods have the anti-oxidants we need daily.

6. Keep a positive attitude. Sickness cannot easily overcome a positive attitude. This includes laughter and a sense of humor; a merry heart does good like a medicine. I always say, “I don’t have time to be sick.” I am positive about the fact that it has no place in me. I will not get in strife or things that drag me down.

5. Love and forgive all people every day. If you have un-forgiveness or un-dealt with hate or anger that you have internalized, you may as well install the devil a handle on your body so he cannot be shaken loose easily. Forgiveness precedes the use of real Bible faith. (Mark 11)

4. Meditate scriptures often, especially those on healing. This is a snack for the soul and spirit and is superior to fruits and vegetables for the body. The Word of God has a power in it, dormant until used and spoken, and laying it into ourselves prepares stores in us of nourishment of the God kind. The word “meditate” means to mutter the Word, to speak it and declare it and to use it in the hearing of…you, for faith comes by hearing. (Romans)

3. Never speak unbelief or doubt. I never say, “I think I am getting sick.” That is a self-curse. Those things come to pass. That is signing on the signature line when the devil delivers something to you. Why would you pray one thing and say another? This is hard to stop, but the book of James says God can tame our tongues. It is not important what you confess repeatedly, it is important what you say in your normal speech or conversation. Make sure your speech lines up with God and His Word and not the devil.

2. Carve up attacks instantly with God’s Word. Illness is evil and it is to be rebuked. Do what Jesus did on the mount of temptation. Sickness is mean and hostile and wants to take you out. The secret is for us to be more “mean” so to speak, and to make sickness unwelcome and unwanted and uncomfortable. I take about 2-4 minutes when any symptom tries to attach itself to me and visciously shred it, in Jesus name, using the Word. That symptom often just leaves at that instant or within an hour.

1. At least once a day, get in touch with God intimately and just hang with him. Note I said at least, once a day. It would be better to stay this way all day. But we do live a natural life, so as often as you can; get into the presence of God. What is the presence of God? Can’t go into that here, but seeing as it is the #1 item on this list, you’d better go find out.

 These keep me healthy, and God is at the root of most of these. The list is about sowing and reaping, for sowing to the flesh will cause you to reap corruption, and sowing to the spirit will cause you to reap spiritual and physical blessings. 

Imagine the money on Tylenol and flu medicines you will save, and imagine the lost time you will gain back which you can use for the Kingdom, if you gain dominion over this area of your life.  You can do it.  I believe in you! 

Greg Nichols

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