Thursday, March 10, 2016

Healing Realities

A few years ago, a man that I led to Christ called me and was very distressed. He was a heavy smoker, and the doctors had found a dark spot on his lung. The doctors were very concerned. It was a Friday when the man called me. Immediately I went into prayer with him right on the phone with Debbie praying along with us from the background. I prayed the prayer of faith of James 5. The man received it by faith. He knew the potential because God had healed him before of other things through my prayers. He was healed of a limp the same night he received Christ, a limp he had had for about 15 years. The man informed me that he was going for a more detailed scan of his lungs on Monday. I told him to expect a good report. I forgot about the prayer, until he called me to tell me with great glee, "they did their test and they are confused, because the spot they saw last week is gone." I rejoiced with the man. 

God is truly good, even in spite of the man's heavy smoking, which he did not quit even then after that scare. But we must understand that the start of a Christian life does not mean the start of a sinless life. People can repent of some sins, but they must be healed by God of the roots and the wounding that could be causing their worst sins. And that healing can take time, and God is very patient. Now, back to this man. Smoking was not his worst problem, he was loaded with baggage as a baby Christian and was what I call a carnal Christian. Heaven was settled for him. But if all we get out of Christianity is Heaven, we have missed God's will by a mile. I share this because it reveals many truths to many people who will read it. It is ever so critical for people to keep growing in God and get the help they need to have a soul healing of their past, for their behaviors (sins) and their physical well being is tied to the condition of their souls (minds) and the salvation they have received does not change the soul quickly, but more slowly. 

Greg Nichols

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