Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Word is Who Heals Us! (by Greg Nichols)

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I have a co-worker who was sick every week and missing too much work to be able to even keep the job. He kept getting the flu, viral symptoms, cold, chest congestion, sinus, aches, stay in bed kind of stuff....I laid hands on him one day and he felt better. But he would relapse back into it. One day he asked for prayer, and I told him, "I don't heal anyone. It comes from God. But to be honest, God does not heal either. It is rather His Word that heals us." I had this man's attention. He was desperate. He never heard this before. Most Christians have never heard, "God does not heal, His Word does." But listen to this scripture: "He sent His Word and healed them of all their destructions." Psalm 107. That verse reveals a way of God. I suppose I will make some religious people mad here, to say God does not heal. But God in Creation never left Himself to have to repeat an act over and over, like creating another human after Adam or Eve. He used reproduction through seeds. Mark 4 says the Word of the Kingdom is as if a man should cast seed into the ground, and how it comes up, he knows not how. I saw my co-worker have a light bulb of revelation go off. He was getting this. 

There is power in every Bible passage about healing from God. " His stripes you were healed...." drips with life giving anointing and Holy Spirit power. When we speak and mutter and declare, these Words from God, we are releasing God's power out of that Word. I was going to write some scriptures down for my friend, but instead, I text-ed him some. He gets up every morning and prays over them, with cell phone next to him, and prays them over himself. He has not been sick again since this light bulb went off. That was 5-6 weeks ago. This man has fullness of joy, I saw him dance, literally one night like a man on fire and set free. I got to teach this man to the saying goes. You see, with reverence to God, let me say that the Word is a legal document ratified by the Cross of Jesus Christ. So we are healed through Christ. The Apostle Paul always said everything we do is "through or in Christ." That is very true. But God expects us to use His Word like I described here, and this is His way, and we cannot or must not circumvent His ways. Maybe you just got the same light bulb. If you did, go after the Word now and until Jesus returns, and watch how much health you stay in too! Bless Jesus forever!

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