Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Man Healed of Heart Arrhythmia Just through Phone Call He Was Not On!!

Testimony Shared by Greg Nichols : 

I don't share everything I see God do in healing, but sometimes I feel I should share an event because someone needs to hear it. I got to pray for a man on Monday by phone who was suffering from ongoing heart trouble and would have arrhythmia frequently, in his case the heart would beat super fast and cause great pain.... it was so bad that he was scheduled by doctors for a pacemaker in June. This man did not approach me, a friend of his did. The friend told him he was going to call me and the friend and I prayed together on the phone and we passionately and earnestly prayed the prayer of faith. When done, I told him to go to his ailing friend and tell him we prayed. When he did, the friend wanted to know the time we prayed. The reason for that was because he was having an attack while we prayed, but something came over him during the attack and stopped it short, and great peace came over him, but no issues, no arrhythmia. That got his attention.

A few days later, the friend called me. Still no attacks. Praise God. Sometimes I feel that healing flows best when no one gets in the way, including me. I believe God is wanting to bring much more manifestation of healing than we are getting. I believe He is looking for vessels or channels of available people who will let Him use them without having an opinion, or a preconceived notion, or an expectancy that is incorrect..... phone praying works well because your five senses can't get much involved to shut down your faith, for faith is only spiritual, it is not emotional or sensual or sight oriented. I don't understand much, but the understanding I am getting is motivating... that an explosion of healing is awaiting us.... that the ceiling above is not there, that Heaven is open, that God is patiently waiting for us to get it, and get it well! Holy Spirit, show me what else I need to see..... to break it all loose.... in Jesus name!!

Greg and Debbie Nichols

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