Saturday, April 5, 2014

Q & A On Divine Healing from Greg Nichols


Q: Can everyone get healed? A: Yes, absolutely. 

Q: Does everyone get healed? A: Yes, either on this side of Heaven's veil, or on the other side!

(Explanation:  Jesus told most that He healed, "your faith has made you whole."  Just the same, believers often tend to not want to make it a quest to find out the truth they need to receive their healings, or they have blockages of unforgiveness or other emotional issues and baggage that make it difficult for them to move into the faith they need for healing.  When that takes place, God can bring them to Heaven for an ultimate restoration.  It is not God's best, as one more death from disease preaches and promotes satan's anti-gospel.  When one person suffers or loses a battle, we all suffer, and we all lose.  When a person gets their miracle and beats disease, the whole world gains.)


Q: Greg, why are you so doggone interested in healing people with God's power?

A: You better ask Jesus that one. He is steering this ship, but I have a hint. While on earth, that is what He did with most of His time, as God and man, the Sovereign God of the Universe! He healed people with God's power, and pushed ahead in it, regardless of who thought what!!

More to follow!


Go here to be uplifted in healing. Like the page there!

Go listen to this special audio teaching from me, Greg Nichols, or share it with someone who is desperately ill. There is ministry and some words over people who may listen, God is in on that, I am sure.

(You need Windows Media Player to open it.) 

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